Gear Up, Gearheads! Top 10 Bikes Revving Up for a 2024 Launch

The roar of engines, the rush of wind, the thrill of carving through asphalt – 2024 promises to be a year of pure adrenaline for two-wheeled enthusiasts! From electrifying electric beasts to roaring retro cruisers, and heart-pounding super machines, this year’s lineup is an exhilarating mix of power, innovation, and style. So, fasten your helmets and brace yourselves as we unveil the top 10 bikes set to leave their mark on the road this year.

Hero Xpulse 400: Adventure Redefined (October 2024, ₹1.90 lakh)

This Indian giant’s answer to the adventure segment boasts a potent 374cc engine, long-travel suspension, and knobby tires. It’s ready to conquer mountains and navigate cityscapes with equal ease, while comfortable ergonomics and luggage mounts ensure long-distance comfort.

xpulse 400 bike image
image for illustration purpose only. credit: motoroctane

TVS RTR RR200: Track Terror on the Streets (April 2024, ₹1.5 lakh)

This track-focused machine pushes the boundaries of street-legal performance with its race-derived chassis, aggressive riding position, and powerful 200cc engine. Upgraded suspension and high-performance brakes ensure precision handling for those seeking adrenaline-pumping cornering.

tvs apache 200 rr bike image 65a574a2743c0

Kawasaki Eliminator: Cruiser bike with Modern Muscle (January 2024, ₹6 lakh)

The iconic Eliminator name returns with a 451cc parallel-twin engine, low-slung ergonomics, and forward-mounted footpads for cruising bliss. Powerful brakes and responsive handling offer confidence on city streets, while the sleek design retains the classic American cool.

eliminator 450 right side view

Bajaj Pulsar N400: Naked Aggression, Unleashed (June 2024, ₹1.9 lakh estimated price)

This streetfighter throws off the fairing to reveal its muscular 373cc engine housed in a lightweight trellis frame. Sharp handling and punchy power promise exhilarating sprints and agile maneuvering through traffic. The N400 is poised to challenge existing contenders in the streetfighter category.

bajaj pulsar ns400

Ola Electric S1 Pro: The Future of Scooting Arrives (January 2024, ₹1.47 lakh)

This futuristic scooter blends sleek design with impressive performance, boasting a 5kW motor and a top speed of 120km/h. Advanced features like a digital instrument cluster, regenerative braking, and keyless start contribute to a refined and tech-savvy riding experience. Ola Electric is ready to disrupt the urban mobility landscape.

Ducati Panigale V4 R: The Apex Predator Evolves (Mid 2024, ₹69 lakh+)

The undisputed track tyrant gets an aerodynamic overhaul, with winglets for maximum downforce. Its 998cc V4 engine receives a power boost, while improved suspension and razor-sharp handling make it a true beast for experienced riders.

panigale v4 r right front three quarter

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: Green Mean Machine Retooled (April 2024, ₹16.63 lakh ex-showroom)

This legendary Japanese warrior returns with a revamped 948cc engine, improved aerodynamics, and a refined chassis. Upgraded suspension components ensure precision handling, making it a formidable contender for the title of king of the streets.

24zx1002l 40rgy1drf3cg feature img 65a57cd9ba08a
*For illustration purpose only

Triumph Daytona 765: Track Royalty Hits the Streets (February 2024, ₹10.50 lakh ex-showroom)

This British bullet distils the essence of Triumph’s racing pedigree into a street-legal weapon. Its 765cc triple-cylinder engine roars with 130 horsepower. Upgraded brakes and suspension, tuned for razor-sharp handling, let you dance through corners with precision. Prepare to experience a taste of unbeaten glory!

daytona 765 65a57d873ac4d

Suzuki GSX-R1000R: King of Speed Sharpens its Crown (February 2024, ₹20 lakh)

The king of Suzuki super bikes receives a potent refinement. Its 999cc inline-four engine gets a power boost, pushing the peak horsepower closer to the 200 mark. Improved aerodynamics and chassis rigidity enhance stability at high speeds, while upgraded suspension components promise unparalleled cornering confidence. Get ready for the GSX-R1000R to defend its crown.

m gsx r1000r 31540280346

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber: Timeless Style Gets a Modern Edge (March 2024, ₹2 lakh)

This iconic bike gets a modern makeover with a chopped rear fender, solo seat, and blacked-out components. The 346cc engine retains its classic thump, while improved brakes and suspension enhance rideability. This timeless beauty keeps the cruiser spirit alive with a modern twist.

classic 350 bobber left side view

Beyond the List:

The 2024 bike launch calendar promises even more exciting offerings beyond this top 10. From retro-inspired scramblers to electric touring machines, manufacturers are catering to diverse tastes and needs. Keep your eyes open for surprises, announcements, and test rides throughout the year.

Get Ready to Ride:

2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for motorcycles, offering innovation, power, and style for every kind of rider. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, get ready to hit the open road and experience the thrill of two wheels!

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