How Letrons Unleashed Antimon: A Real-Life BMW Transformer Straight Out of Science Fiction


In a groundbreaking feat of engineering, the Turkish technology and R&D company Letrons brought science fiction to life by transforming a BMW 3 series car into a real-life transformer. Named “Antimon,” this awe-inspiring creation is not just a static display piece but a fully functional, drivable transformer that seems to have stepped out of the iconic movie franchise, Transformers. Let’s delve into the extraordinary features that make Antimon a marvel of innovation and a dream come true for fans of the science fiction genre.

letrons antimon
Source: letrons

The Birth of Antimon: Letrons’ Pioneering Achievement

Inspired by Michael Bay’s cinematic spectacle, Letrons set out to turn fantasy into reality by creating a life-sized BMW Transformer. Unlike any other transformer before, Antimon is a one-to-one scale marvel, setting a new standard in the world of robotics and automotive engineering.

Neck and Head Movement: A Glimpse into Antimon’s Lifelike Features

At the core of Antimon’s dynamic capabilities is a 200 Ncm DC servo motor that empowers the head to turn a remarkable 120 degrees. The connection between the neck and body is reinforced by a formidable 1,000 N actuator, ensuring stability during the transformation process. Dynamic neck movements, driven by a 100 N actuator, add an extra layer of realism to Antimon’s repertoire.

Main Control Unit: The Brain Behind the Transformation

Letrons has meticulously designed and programmed a specialized main control unit to manage all operational functions seamlessly. This unit takes charge of the complex transformation process, ensuring a flawless conversion from a sleek BMW 3 series car to a humanoid robot.

Dynamic Control System: The Hydraulic Powerhouse

Antimon boasts a powerful 35,000 N main hydraulic cylinder system, complemented by a perfect spine structure and additional hydraulic supplements. This dynamic control system facilitates fast and effective transformations, showcasing Letrons’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of robotics.

Gear Motor: Compact Powerhouse for Swift Transitions

A compact yet powerful 400 Nm gear motor has been ingeniously integrated into Antimon, allowing for swift and efficient transitions between its car and humanoid forms. This feature not only enhances performance but also showcases Letrons’ mastery in optimizing space for maximum efficiency.

Wi-Fi Technology and Remote Control Software: Connectivity and Control

Antimon is not just a physical marvel; it’s a connected experience. Equipped with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology boasting a 54 Mbps data transfer rate and enhanced coverage with a 5 dBi antenna, Antimon communicates seamlessly with its surroundings. The highly effective remote control software enables voice interaction and precise movement control, making the transformation process both user-friendly and intuitive.

letrons antimon
Source: letrons
Innovative Features for Enhanced Functionality

Antimon is not just a transformer; it’s a technological tour de force with an array of features that elevate its functionality:

  1. Dynamic Lights: Antimon features a dynamically adjustable light intensity system, promoting healthy vision based on data received from integrated sensors.
  2. Power System: Deep Cycle storage units and a 4,000 W power inverter efficiently manage energy distribution, ensuring sustained performance.
  3. Wrist Action: A 200 Ncm DC servo motor enables interactive wrist movements, providing Antimon with quick and accurate responses.
  4. Kinetic Fingers: Individually designed fingers, moving with 400 Ncm servo engine power, offer unparalleled dexterity and versatility.
  5. Arm Movements: Antimon’s dynamic, angle-controlled arm movements are powered by 1,000 N linear DC power dynamic actuators and sensors.
  6. Interactivity: Integrated cameras allow Antimon to perform real-time speech and movement abilities, enhancing its interactive capabilities.
  7. Fog Vision: Antimon ensures clear and effective vision in foggy conditions, with interactive control for optimal visibility.
  8. Sound Integration: Enriched with the ability to speak and sound sensitivity to environmental factors, Antimon’s auditory capabilities add an extra layer of realism.
  9. Led LCD: Antimon features a full HD interactive feedback screen, providing users with a rich visual feast and seamless media presentation.
  10. Remote Control: A remote control with 2.4 GHz radio frequency and a 10-channel controller allows users to command Antimon’s movements with precision.
  11. Dynamic Eye: Antimon’s led-based dynamic eye structure, coupled with a variable light spectrum, ensures highly effective visual feedback.
  12. Steering: Featuring a real-function steering system with 60 degrees of movement, Antimon showcases impressive maneuverability both left and right.
  13. Safety: Antimon prioritizes safety with extra security from front and rear security sensors, ensuring a secure experience for both the transformer and its surroundings.
Source: Letrons

Antimon’s Legacy in Robotics and Entertainment

Letrons not only transformed a BMW 3 series car into a real-life transformer but also set a new benchmark for innovation in robotics and automotive engineering. Antimon, with its lifelike movements, connectivity features, and dynamic lighting system, stands as a testament to Letrons’ prowess in bringing science fiction fantasies to life. As technology continues to advance, creations like Antimon pave the way for a future where the boundaries between fiction and reality continue to blur, leaving us in awe of what is possible in the world of intelligent mobility.

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