LEAKED: Disc-less Xbox Series X Set for 2024 Launch


In a surprising twist of events, a recent leak from the ongoing Federal Trade Commission (FTC) vs Microsoft court case has shed light on an upcoming addition to the Xbox family – the Disc-less Xbox Series X codenamed “Project Brooklin.” The leaked documents not only hint at a disc-less design but also reveal various enhancements, making it an intriguing prospect for gamers worldwide. With a slated release in 2024, the new console promises to bring several improvements, aligning with Microsoft’s continuous efforts to innovate and captivate the gaming community.

Disc-less Xbox Series
Source: theverge

Project Brooklin

  1. Disk-less Design: One of the most significant revelations from the leaked documents is the absence of a disk drive in Project Brooklin. Following the trend of digital-only consoles, this move suggests Microsoft’s commitment to the digital gaming ecosystem. By eliminating the disk drive, the console aims to offer a more streamlined and cost-effective gaming experience.
  2. Power Efficiency: According to the leaked court documents, Project Brooklin is designed to be 15% more power-efficient than the current Xbox Series X. Additionally, it introduces a new low-power standby mode that boasts a remarkable 20% reduction in power consumption compared to the existing console’s standby mode. This aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in its gaming hardware.
  3. Two-tone Controller with Upgrades: Alongside the console, a new two-tone controller, codenamed Sebile, is expected to be unveiled early next year. Priced at $69.99, this controller boasts modular thumbsticks, a USB-C front port with power delivery, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.2. The inclusion of an accelerometer allows users to wake up the controller by simply lifting it. Furthermore, the rechargeable and swappable battery enhances user convenience.
  4. Refreshed Disc-less Xbox Series X Design: The leaked information suggests a notable design shift for the upcoming console. The Disc-less Xbox Series X is rumored to have a more cylindrical appearance compared to its predecessor, introducing a fresh aesthetic to the gaming console lineup.
  5. Hardware Upgrades and Efficiency: Microsoft is reportedly working on a hardware refresh for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The leaked documents hint at a die shrink to 6nm for improved efficiency. While it remains unclear if “modular” refers to swappable joystick tops or something more advanced, this enhancement aligns with the evolving landscape of gaming peripherals.
Disc-less Xbox Series
Source: theverge

Release Plans and Pricing

Microsoft is targeting a competitive $499 launch price for Project Brooklin, intending to maintain accessibility for a broad range of gamers. The company tentatively plans to launch the new Disc-less Xbox Series S refresh in September 2024, followed by the Xbox Series X refresh in November 2024.


As we pass the three-year mark since the launch of the ninth console generation, the ongoing rivalry between PS5 and Xbox Series X enthusiasts remains fervent. Fanatics on both sides are eager to proclaim their preferred console as the superior hardware.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 boast robust exclusive game libraries, complemented by extensive third-party support. Notable exclusives for the PS5 include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Horizon II: Forbidden West, and God of War Ragnarök. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X offers compelling exclusives such as Halo Infinite, Starfield, and Forza Motorsport.

When it comes to hardware prowess, the Xbox Series X takes the lead with superior GPU and SSD capabilities. This hardware advantage translates to smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and enhanced graphics fidelity, intensifying the competition for gaming supremacy.

The leaked details surrounding Microsoft’s Project Brooklin present an exciting glimpse into the future of Xbox gaming. With a disc-less design, enhanced power efficiency, a redesigned controller, and a refreshed console aesthetic, Microsoft aims to offer a compelling gaming experience to enthusiasts. As the gaming community eagerly awaits official confirmation and more details from Microsoft, the leak has undoubtedly sparked anticipation for what promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the Xbox lineup in 2024.

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